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We believe in the inherit goodwill and humanitarianism that is at the core of every person. The collaborative development of this spirit is our most important mission as human beings, above and beyond all other things.

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Bottoam Line

The Mission

Long before it was popular for facilities maintenance companies to define
themselves as "self-performing," Servicecom had already set out on its mission to implement a strategy that would focus efforts on direct accountability, high
quality assurance, and speed of service.We accomplish this mission through streamlining workflow and innovation. Nearly two decades later, we still hold these ideals dear and continue to perfect this model, consistently adding value for our clients. ServiceDirect™ was born from these ideals to innovate, simplify and save.


Customer service should never be short-sighted. Servicecom's number one
priority is our clients, and making sure that their space is running as efficiently as possible. Our aim is to always exceed our clients' expectations.


Dedication, accountability, and pride in our work ethic are the cornerstones of our business. We choose to work with partners that share our value for
excellence in craft.

The Method

ServiceDirect™ Corporate-Managed Major Markets

Client Commitment

  • 100+ work orders per month in region gets dedicated ServiceDirect™ fleet truck.
  • 500+ work orders per month program client is provided with field operations manager that reports directly to client.

Client Commitment

  • Trucks are equipped and stocked with all commonly used tools specific to the work order and needs of each client.
  • GPS & WEX Tracking available.
  • Techs receive work orders digitally through Servicecom’s in-house service portal.

Client Commitment

  • High-volume vendors that have worked for Servicecom for 5+ years.
  • Must meet and maintain strict performance KPIs.
  • ServiceDirect™- endorsed; may utilize & advertise with logo.
  • Primary vendor in territory and receives all work orders. Must honor ServiceDirect's™ rates. 10-day payment.

ServiceDirect Franchises-Rural markets - Coming soon!

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